A Brief Account of a Great Battle

The 14th Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People, and 11th Camera Zizanio held December 2 – 10  was a success. Continue reading


Awards of 14th Olympia International Film Festival

for Children And Young People Continue reading

The 14th Olympia Festival and the 11th Camera Zizanio are here!

The rapid succession of events that took place since the previous Festival, the constantly changing international political and financial circumstances and the particularly sharp financial problem of Greece, bring on huge chain changes in the people’s way of life. Primarily, they affect the financially weak classes, while at the same time, they cause “collateral damage” to what we referred to, till recently, as the social state. One of the first and most vulnerable victims of these developments is culture, which, via a catastrophic social automatism and an openly fascist populism, is characterized, as more or less, a “redundant luxury”. Continue reading